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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions About School

1. Certificate of success in 8th Grade
2. 4-Licese Photos
3. Copy if student registration
4. Copy of both parents registration
5. Ward/Village recommendation.
1. It is necessary to apply for admission.
2. You must answer questions in English and math; to apply for admission.
3. Only those with high scores will be given priority in the major they went to attend.
1. You will study for two years at Government Technical High School, Myingyan.
Courses available:
1. Machining Technology(MT)
2. Auto mechanics Technology(AMT)
3. Electronics Technology (EcT)
4. Electrical Technology(ET)
- Available at Government Technical High School, Myingyan.
1. Students(boys)can apply for school dormitory.
2. A dormitory for students(girl) is under construction this year.
1. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a diploma.
2. After two years of training, students who have excelled will able to continue to attend Advanced Training: GTI.