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Background History

Background History

Government Technical High School (Myingyan) opened on June. 1, 2010. On June 2,2015, it was transferred from the Ministry of Industry to the Ministry of Science and Technology. Government Technical High School(Myingyan) is located near Myingyan Township No.1 Stell Factory, Myingyan District, Mandalay Region. The land area of the school is 8.23 acres. Now, U Myo Min Than (ME-Mechanical(Russia)) is the current headmaster.

School support and Services

At Myingyan (Government Technical High School), the state provides a monthly allowance of 30,000 kyats per student per month. In order to gain practical skills while studying, we also provide access to same private businesses according to the relevant courses. Polytechnics/ short-term courses are offered during the summer holidays.

Future Opportunities After Graduation

Upon successful completion of Government Technical High School,(outstanding) students will be able to attend Government Technical Education (GTI)schools. We are also working with some private companies to provide job opportunities after graduation.